Deli and Pizzaria in Middletown, RI

Pizzaria — Delicious Pizza in Middletown RI
Hungry for a deliciously satisfying meal and not too keen on cooking? Come to Sig's Place and have a taste of our menu. At Sig's Place, we have a little something for everyone and every appetite. Specializing in the freshest deli sandwiches and pizza, visit us for high-quality food that tastes great and serves as a fantastic local alternative to the fare you'll find in your average chain restaurant.
The goal at Sig's Place is to provide our customers with a source for great food and warm customer service. When you dine with us, you can expect the friendly smiles and appreciation of your business that can only be found in a locally-owned restaurant like ours. We've been serving great food in Middletown, Rhode Island and surrounding areas since 1930, and the reason for our longevity is our commitment to food quality and customer satisfaction. We use only the finest ingredients and there are absolutely no GMOs in our food.

Our Menu

From fresh pastrami sandwiches to piping hot pepperoni pizzas, Sig's Place is Rhode Island's go-to deli and pizzaria. We have over 30 amazing sandwich options for you to try, from BBQ Chicken to kosher corned beef. Likewise, our pizza offerings are numerous as well, with 16 toppings and nearly limitless topping combinations available.
While our specialties are pizza and sandwiches, our expansive menu consists of so much more. At breakfast, lunch and dinnertime, we are here serving hungry diners just like you with an outstanding variety of food. From chicken finger appetizers to oriental spaghetti, we have a delicious offering for every craving.
To try the best food in Rhode Island, stop by our diner today and a bite to eat. For information on catering, give us a call now at 401-847-3500.